Thursday, November 11, 2010

Why Ziyarat important ?

This is Our Prophet lovely Grave in madina .

The Importance of Ziyaraah (visiting Sufi Sanits / Shrines) The importance of visiting / spending time / staying with the Saints while they are alive and once they are accepted into God (freed from the body limitations
and into the Absolute) is simply because they are Teachers.
• Spiritual Teachers extend Inward transformation to those seek help from Them to be able to advance in the spiritual path.
• Their Teachings are primarily in Silence. It is a heart-to-heart ( core of existence - to - core of existence ) communication that physical senses and the intellect fail to register. Hence difficult to comprehend.
• Silent communications are real to those who have experienced IT. It is manifold stronger, purer, intense and is sure, whenever one visits the physical remains of a Saint resting in His tomb / Their tombs all over this planet at their Designated spots / places.
• Some experience / see light in Saint’s tomb / tombs. In Saint’s company, those sitting with Saint / Saints are enveloped in Light.
• A Saint’s tomb ( resting place of Saints’ body after Their soul has left the body behind ) is a Threshold to / between corporeal and God. In day-to-day life, we are able to notice light coming out through the openings of a well-lit building at night. Those visiting a Saint’s tomb ( Threshold ) the light will fall upon provided they are right at the opening ( Threshold. )
• Saint’s Teachings and Blessings continue to Benefit those seek during Saint’s life in this world and Saint’s life hereafter as the Teachings are extended to a seeker in silence / Absolute silence ( imperceptible to the corporeal. )
• Sitting with a Saint helps the internal faculties to harmonize, integrate, become silent and inwardly peaceful to begin with. Once the rush, gush, wandering nature is calmed, doubts settle and confusions clear the Image ( Qualities both corporeal and spiritual ) of the Saint / Truth / God is Imprinted / Reflected into the inward reality of the seeker, in silence. Hence Become.
• A seeker to begin with is like a mirror reflecting the Image ( Qualities of the Saint / Saints ) followed by reflecting Light like a diamond and finally becomes the Meaning / Truth i.e. the state of being Self-Luminous.
• Sitting in the company of a Saint during their physical presence and sitting in a Saint’s tomb is same. In a Saint’s tomb it is far more real – real in manifolds.”
    Now a day one week one time we should go to the Kabastan. we should have to try our soul will be stronger like mountain .

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