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While it is not the main theme of this blog to detail all the prophecies in other religous scriptures foretellig the  coming  of the Prophet Muhammad , should mention that Muslim scholars have noted such in the Parsi,Hindu,Buddish,Jewish,and Christian scriptures. Indeed Muhammad in the scriptures is avery intresting topic which has been thoroughly discussed in many books and articles, as well as on the get more information about this topic, you may go to Dr.zakir Naik's website, or just search the internet typing these word;"Prophet Muhammad" "Muhammad in the Bible" ect
 Among the book for eg.A H. Vidyarthi and U Ali have written a book entitled MUHAAMAD IN PARSI.HINDU,AND BUDDHIST SCRIPTURES.
           In his wondureful book, MUHAMMAD IN THE BIBLE,professor abdul-ahad dawud
9formerly the reverend david benjamin)comments on the Bible foretelling the advent of the prophet who is"like unto thee Mosses"We read the following word in the book of Deuteronomy, chapter18 .verse18 " i will raise then up a Prophet from among their brethren, like unto thee; and i will put my word in this mouth" if these words do not apply to Muhammad, they still remain unfifilled, Jesus himself never claimed to be the Prophet alluded to ...jesus and not as a law-giver"but the promised one has to come with a "fiery law" "in his right hand"

Mulim scholars assert that this prophecy applies to none other than Muhammad.Moses andMuhammad are like in many ways.They both have the same first letter of their names.they are alike intheir natural births, prophet. rulers .leaders.and statesmen.both brought a "fiery law"
On the other hand,Jesus is unlike Moses in several matters.His birth, mission and end did he : rules his people or fight in wars like Moses

  This viedo is Adam grave

1 what is the Truth?
2 who created us?
3who is our true god?
4 who is God's final Prophet?
5 who are we?
6 why are we here?
7what comes after death?
8what is the next life like?
9what is our last destination.
10How can we attain true peace of mind ,success, and real happiness?
11How can we gain enternal life?

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