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                                   ( Prophet   Hazrat Musa Grave)
Two hundred years old Criminal ( ALLAH said"Oh Musa )

                There used to live a person in Bani-Israeel who, for all of his 200 years of life, only committed sins upon sins.  When he died, people dragged his body and threw it on top of a rubbish tip.  Allah (az’zawajal) sent a revelation to Hazrat’e Musa (alay his’salaam):  “Oh Musa (alay his’salaam)!  A person of mine has died.  The people of Bani-Israeel have thrown him on a pile of dirt.  Go, and give his body a bath and pray his funeral prayers and tell the people the same.”  When Hazrat’e Musa (alay his’salaam) got there, he recognised the body.

                  After completing the command of Allah (az’zawajal), Hazrat’e Musa (alay his’salaam) said, “Oh Allah (az’zawajal), this person was a very bad sinner, so instead of being punished, why has he been granted such a big reward?”  Allah (az’zawajal) replied, “No doubt, he was likely to be punished severely but one day, he opened the Torah and he saw the name of My Beloved Messenger Muhammad (sallallahu ta’ala alaihi wa aalihi wa’sallam) and due to the love he had for that name, he kissed it and read Durood Shareef.  Due to this respect and love he had towards the name, I have forgiven all of his sins.”

"This is like you are writing a letter to someone saying iam with you"
Imam abu hanifa(150 AH)

وبه قال البيهقي أنا أبو بكر بن الحارث، أخبرنا ابن حيان، أنا أحمد بن جعفر بن نصر، ثنا يحيى بن يعلى، سمعت نعيم ابن حماد
يقول: سمعت نوح بن أبي مريم يقول: "كنا عند أبي حنيفة رحمه الله أول ما ظهر، إذ جاءته امرأة من ترمذ كانت تجالس جهما،
فدخلت الكوفة، فأظنني أقل ما رأيت عليها عشرة آلاف من الناس، تدعو إلى رأيها، فقيل لها: إن ههنا رجلا قد نظر في المعقول
يقال له أبو حنيفة، فأتته وقالت: أنت الذي تعلم الناس المسائل / وقد تركت دينك، أين إلهك الذي تعبده؟ فسكت عنها، ثم مكث
سبعة أيام لا يجيبها، ثم خرج إلينا وقد وضع كتابا أن الله في السماء دون الأرض، فقال له رجل: أرأيت قول الله تعالى {وَهُوَ
مَعَكُم} قال: هو كما تكتب إلى الرجل إني معك وأنت غائب عنه."ء

Translation  -She said: you are the person, who teaches people about masail, people have left your religion, where is your god whom you worship? He remained silent on her, then he stayed seven days without replying to her, then he went out to us and produced in writing that Allah is in the heaven not on earth, so a man said to him: haven’t you seen the words of Allah Ta’ala {and he is near you}. He (Abu hanifa) said: ''This is like you are writing a letter to someone and saying 'i am with you' while in reality you are not with him.''

                   I asked Imam Abu Hanifa(Radiallahu Ta’ala Anhu) about a person who says, 'I do not know whether my lord is, above the heavens or on earth?' he (Abu Hanifa(Radiallahu Ta’ala Anhu)) said: 'A person who makes such a statement becomes an apostate because Allah Ta’ala says, {The Merciful has ascended above the throne}, and the throne of Allah is above seven heavens'. I further asked, 'What if such a person admits, Allah is above His throne, but does not know whether the throne is in the heavens or on earth'. He (Abu Hanifa) said: 'If he denies that it is in the heavens, he is an apostate’.

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                                       (One of the Prophet )

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