Sunday, October 10, 2010

How to make the best world

                My name is Myat Thu .I am 22 years old .now i live in Malaysia i have to study IIUM (International Islamic university of Malaysia ) i just want to say about the world First of all i have to show world map
     Now Day we can see the world map is so good for we . One of my friend said me how do you think about the world , that time i am studying  five standard i will answer him i don't think so !:) My grandfather every used this words " What must is done is being done " Now i am understand today All the countries are Global village ,so we connect another or each other. Today we can see How many problem in the world Who can solve the problem ?  FOR EXAMPLE ....... one apple picture have broken in to pieces  is not good for me, i will repair this picture that time is good for me . countries+  people+ energy= 1 i accept  this answer is right ,all my friends thinking about these equations . we should heal the world , I hope the world will be best in one day ! i ask one question all my friends What is the center of world ?............................................ is

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